A Unique Selection Of 100% Recycled Hemp Hand-Woven And Hand-Dyed Scarves for you.  

Hemp is grown by the indigenous Hmong hill tribe village co-operative who undertake the entire production process; they grow the hemp; cut and process the fiber which is softened by hand using traditional techniques; collect plants, bark and leaves to make sustainable dyes; weave the scarf using a back-strap loom; make the pattern using batik method; dye the fabric with natural dyes leaving their hands dark indigo blue up to their elbows; wash and rinse the finished scarf.   Making hemp fiber for the Hmong loom is an extremely long process.  The hemp plant grows for about 2 ½ months before it is harvested.  The leaves are then stripped away and the stalks are dried for about 15 days before being peeled.  Next the peeled stalks are twisted together and pounded to make them softer.  Finally, the fibers are spun into skeins of thread, washed in ash water and wound into a ball.  The arduous process can take over 3 months before any weaving actually begins!   Very time consuming!

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