About the Founders ~ Diane & Bill Newland

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and wanting to find out a little bit more about how it all started…

As the creators of Zenzoey Jewelry & Accessories, we have been working with crystals, making jewelry and importing beautiful accessory goods since 1989.  Diane, a high school geography teacher, along with her husband Bill, started traveling throughout Southeast Asia to get insight into the cultures and people.  While wandering through Asia, we would be drawn to villages and markets selling incredible indigenous tribal jewelry, hand-made purses, handwoven scarves, and clothing.  At first, we just bought for ourselves, but Diane's teacher friends would ask them to bring back some for them, and it just grew from there.  Our first attempts at selling our unique finds where at weekend markets and bazaar’s.  We would spend every summer traveling in Thailand, India, Nepal, Burma, Bali, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, or Laos seeking the best stones, hand-woven silk scarves, Ikat weavings, and incredible purses.  Our travels over the last 30 years have been life-changing in so many ways, meeting local artisans’, stone cutters, weavers, and many wonderful local tribal people. With Diane being Choctaw, Native American and our love of South East Asian cultures, we began learning about and incorporating into our lives and every piece, gemstone healing, chakras, meditation, and jewelry made with intention and meaning.  We personally smudge and cleanse each jewelry piece before it is sent to you.       



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